Zamak 27

Zamak 27 / Zinc Alloy 27 / ZL 27 / ZnAl27Cu2


Zamak 27 contains 27% aluminum content and is the strongest of the Zamak series.

Zamak 27, or zinc aluminum alloy, contains significantly more aluminum than the Zamak group of alloys. The number 27 represents the approximate percentage of aluminum

It is extremely difficult to handle and has poor die filling characteristics, which can be offset by simplifying the casting design.

ZA27 is 40% stronger and harder than typical aluminum die cast alloys and also offers bearing properties not seen in other alloys

ZA-27 has the highest aluminum content, highest strength, highest melting point, and lowest density of the ZA group

This zinc alloy exhibits excellent bearing properties, which allow bearings to be designed into the casting of some applications

Its relatively high casting temperature requires the cold-chamber process

Zamak 27 Specifications

Chemical Composition and Physical Data