Zamak 3

Zamak 3 / Zinc Alloy 3 / ZL 3 / ZL0400 / ZnAl4 (EN1774 Standard Ingot)


Zamak 3 is the de facto standard for the zamak series of zinc alloys; all other zinc alloys are compared to this. Zamak 3 has the base composition for the zamak alloys (96% zinc, 4% aluminium). It has excellent castability and long term dimensional stability.

Zamak 3 also offers excellent finishing characteristics for plating, painting and chromate treatments. It is the “standard” by which other zinc alloys are rated in terms of die casting

•Excellent balance of desirable physical and mechanical properties
•Superb castability and long-term dimensional stability
•Excellent finishing characteristics for plating, painting, and chromate treatments
•Excellent damping capacity and vibration attenuation in comparison to aluminum die cast alloys

Zamak 3 Specifications

Chemical Composition and Physical Data